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Welcome to Art Houz UK

Our Mission

“We connect minds together through creativity, knowledge and ideas providing opportunity to experience and own the Art form”

Art Houz UK is an online exhibits initiative that provides artists with a dedicated and focused venue to display their work of Art. This unique virtual programming unites both established and upcoming artists with a larger audience, displaying works by differently abled (disabled artists), autistic youngsters, and art as therapy for people with mental health issues, making Gallery as accessible as possible to the gallery's worldwide community.

Since its start in February 2012, Art Houz has established itself as a worldwide artistic platform for the world's most unique talent. Art Houz has worked to locate, nurture, and showcase works of art on a meritocratic basis. The online gallery has successfully launched and expanded the careers of countless notable modern artists and is steadfastly devoted to its guiding values of fairness, creativity, and accessibility. The online gallery is open and honest in its commitment to being at the forefront of a developing and diverse art business. Art Houz UK has become identified with a pioneering use of social media and digital content as a result of its daringly autonomous approach to the gallery paradigm.

The gallery aspires to be a platform; a stage on which the tales of today's most talented artists may be told, while also bridging the gap between the physical and virtual domains of modern experience and connecting people with the art they love.
By actively interacting with its increasing global audience, the gallery aspires to carve out a more prominent position for the creative and visual arts in the future of our society, fully believing that popular interaction with art can play a crucial role in nurturing creative ideas. A more creative society will be better positioned to address the big difficulties that it will confront in the future. The gallery's primary, driving aim is to champion art and creativity to the widest potential audience.

Our Founder

"Vision is to create stimulating possibilities in every domain of business. Our mission is to believe these possibilities already exist and are simply waiting to be discovered"

The entrepreneurial zeal of Vincent A inspired the creation of Art Houz UK in London. Perplexed by the restrictive industry procedures that limit wide access to the art world for artists, lovers, and would-be collectors alike, set out to create a company - of Art Houz UK in London that fostered access, engagement, and opportunity for dedicated and talented artists.

The story started out as an owner of several art gallery and an avid private collector of hundreds of rare and vintage cameras, who wanted to build a roster of international artists that symbolised a developing global culture of information and global connectedness using the online platform as a collaborative medium . It continues to be in a unique position to affect the future of the art business and play a vital role in realigning its engrained value systems through constant and intentional nurturing of extraordinary artist potential. His gallery Gallery are well known for works by differently abled (disabled artists), autistic children, and art as therapy for people with mental health issues.

The organisation leads a diverse and multi-talented group of people who share the mission of supporting the world's most exciting artists and making their work accessible to the broadest possible audience - with the ultimate goal of making art a more practical and valuable aspect of our world's cultures and societies. Here it is Art Houz UK in London, which has realised its ambition of advancing the careers of innumerable prominent modern artists while remaining committed to its core ideals of fairness, originality, and accessibility.


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