A never-ending quest for meaning in life and dreams amidst roadside idols, sculptures based on religious and historical theories and references, delusions of power, modern lifestyles and thoughts, beliefs, superstitions, ideological differences.

For his art, he chose lines over colours. There are so many memories, inner conflicts, and deep thoughts that come at you from all directions. At times it seems like a long string of events - one after the other - has no escape from the confines of the mind; until eventually one thread evolves into something bigger and better than what it was before. It's just amazing to see how an idea can transform from one thing entirely to something completely new but remain true to its core. The artist's thoughts are constantly changing into an overlapping mosaic of images through his work- without words or even colour.



The artist chose lines over colours for his art. But it took a life-changing event to finally transform his scribbled lines into creative expression, His Mother's death was a trigger. Representing her life-or-death struggle, the lines that flattened out at the end changed the course of his life. The experience of death brought his lines to life. He realised that his creative expression came from his life experiences. Awards: 2018- R M Hadpad Award;1994- Best Poster Award (Orissa);1986- Karnataka Lalitha Kala Academy Award.