Bharati Sagar

Over the years, Bharati Sagar, an accomplished artist of Karnataka, has been trying to experiment in various mediums and resulting techniques, to create art works on subjects that are close to her heart.

The valence towards the animal world in distress through their lessening numbers, appropriation of space by Homosapiens, depletion of water resources, exploitation of the ocean and its living organisms, the forest fires, the rare avian species and the invasion of nature by man through its overexploitation remains at the heart of her works. Working with natural material as iron dust she foregrounds the notion of nature that should remain intact. By inventing her personalised medium, she uses lemon juice which she drips and splashes on paper.



Bharati Sagar a senior regionally known and well-established artist in Bengaluru based, who in her latest suite of works has shown concern for the endangered species which is fast becoming invisible on the surface of mother earth is also a tribute to the magnificence of this beautiful Gaia or the primitive mother Goddess worshipped from ancient times. Awards :1987- Lalitkala Parishad: Best Award (A.P.); 1989 - Chitrakala Parishad Award, Machlipatnam.