C. S. Krishna Setty

The compositions of his paintings portray the progression of the artist’s mind and the flow of ideas – sometimes through geometric patterns and floral depictions, and at times, through the creation of a brand new element that combines many different fragments.



Born in 1952, an eminent artist, art critic and columnist, C. S. Krishna Setty hails from Thirthahalli, Shimoga District, Karnataka. He pursued Fine Arts at the University College of Art, Devangere, and commenced research in graphics from Garhi Studios, New Delhi. He holds a Post Graduate degree in Literature from Mysore University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations from Bharat Vidya Bhavan.He has been awarded the prestigious Honorary Membership of Russian Academy in Moscow, 2017. Following artists Satish Gujral and Om Prakash, C. S. Krishna Setty is the third artist from India to be honoured with this award.. He is also the recipient of numerous awards such as the Vincent Van Gogh Award; Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Rathna National Award and Kala Tapasvi Awards.