Dr. Balwant bhadoria

The architectural landscaped motifs, geometrical forms and various concerned sensitive textures, patterns with it, are visible in his creations. The color scheme of his works is harmonious sometimes monochromatic also.

Most of his works are titled as ‘Cityscapes’. In a way these works are visual metaphors for mental perceptions of one’s own psyche. We can also understand them as Architectonic-Mindscapes’ or a holistic approach to one’s own attention urban landscape elements. Here Geometry also symbolizes rationality, logic and cerebral approach to understand life and existence. The focus of artist is here to observe minimum variations in totality; thus, it leads him towards abstraction. The color scheme of his works is harmonious sometimes monochromatic also. A sense of depth and perspective is visible in implementation.



Dr. Balwant Singh Bhadoria is a painter and educationist at Raja Mansingh Tomar Music and Arts University, Gwalior. He has pursued his graduation and post-graduation from Government College of Arts Gwalior, in painting, and finished his Ph.D. degree from the visual arts faculty of Banaras Hindu University. In this isolation, the artist generates their artwork layer by layer. The interaction of light and shadows speaks to their subconscious and eventually leads to the creation of the artwork. Often, his paintings feature hints of the natural elements including land, water, and horizon emerging from the misty colors. Sometimes strange and luminous free-flowing objects create a surreal environment that is meditative and peaceful.