Dr. Shanthi Priya

Dr. Shanthi Priya, a consultant ophthalmologist, and Parkinson's disease warrior, is also a writer, and self-taught artist. She founded SAAR Foundation and is a top 8 finalist at Art for Inclusion, inspiring others with her artistic journey.

In her artistic process, Dr. Shanthi Priya's intuitive approach is evident as she lets her mood guide the color choices. With skillful use of acrylic flow paints and the manipulation of the canvas, she brings depth and texture to her creations. The symbolic representation of life's challenges and ultimate triumphs showcases her resilience and determination. Through her passion and wholehearted dedication, she not only captures the carefree essence of wildflowers but also reflects her unique perspective on approaching life with authenticity and purpose.



Dr. Shanthi Priya, a consultant ophthalmologist and Parkinson's disease warrior, is a talented self-taught artist and writer. She founded the SAAR Foundation in 2019, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with Parkinson's and neurological disorders. As the Founder & CEO, she oversees all aspects of the foundation, creating programs and workshops for disease awareness and providing financial aid. She advocates for Parkinson's patients, serving as an ambassador and liaising with the Indian government. With expertise in ophthalmology, she has conducted surgeries and attended to numerous patients. Dr. Shanthi Priya's remarkable contributions have earned her prestigious awards and recognition in medical and social services.