Monica Ghule

Monica says "I paint my childhood’s memories. Though I miss out the kinship of sisterhood. In the absence of that relationship, I imagine how it would be to have a sister. My longing for her comes through my paintings."

Childhood memories are precious since, in a way, they represent that phase in your life when everything was new, you had a greater sense of curiosity, you were more willing to discover things, and for the most part, mistakes you made were likely fairly benign. It was truly a time filled with countless “wow” moments, in contrast to those “can’t do this” and “I know better” moments that can plague us as adults



Monica Ghule born in 1989, living in Ichalkaranji completed her M.F.A (Master Of Fine Art), Dip Ed. and G.D. ART has done group shows and also individual shows at -IAF, Bengaluru ;IAF, Mumbai and Jehanghir Art Gallery. Achievements: 2020-Best Entry, Badalpur Art Gallery, Badalpur. 2012-Certificate Award for Graphic, South Central Zone, Nagpur.