Pooja SI

With the representation of abstract, geometry and kaleidoscopic view, the artist is wholly appealing the concept of Sattva guna (modes of existence) in the painting with the use of visible vibrant colours and shapes .

Her experiments concern understanding colours, geometric shapes and sizes, lines and its varied angles and curves, relation of figurative imagery to space, all of which gives her an understanding of the area she works on and their positioning in space.



The artist experiments and studies with geometry of abstract forms has gradually led her to look at kaleidoscope as a point of reference and as a device that creates beautiful forms, patterns, geometrical shapes and colours. The geometry of brilliant colours and juxtaposition of shapes appearing in rotating the kaleidoscope has conceptually inspired her to derive creative ideas expressed through her individual style and technique. The visual vocabulary of kaleidoscopic shapes, forms and colours has inspired her present series of works in which movement provided the dominant focus.