Rajendra Munje

The artist's expertise lies in creating stunning watercolor and acrylic paintings, showcasing their mastery of these mediums..

The Artist derives joy from thinking, drawing, writing, and photography, using his creations to address global issues. Art grants him complete freedom of expression, and his ideal life centers around his canvas.



Mr. Rajendra Munje, a talented artist and mentor, worked as a Creative Director at R K SWAMY BBDO Advertising Agency from 1982 to 2020. He handled renowned brands and received the Art Director of the Year award. In 2020, Rajendra Munje became a full-time artist, mentoring his artist daughter, Rashmi, and his autistic artist son, Rupak. Rupak has exhibited in over 40 shows and won national and international awards. Rajendra Munje's journey showcases dedication, creativity, and commitment to art and nurturing young talent.