Rupak Munje

Rupak Munje, born with autism, has come a long way despite facing challenges in every element of his life with this illness, particularly as a nonverbal person who expresses himself via abstract paintings. He began his studies with American art therapist Melissa Enderle and has made over 200 paintings and has had 38 shows in art galleries and internet sites. His paintings have not only received worldwide acclaim, but they have also found a home in the hearts of art collectors.



Rupak was born in Hyderabad, India on 2nd September 1996. Achievements : 1st solo show on World Autism Awareness Day 2013 at Forum Art Gallery; Outsider Art in association with Kochi Biennale Foundation selected Rupak’s painting for the 2018 Exhibition; Two paintings of Rupak got a wall in Chennai Rail Museum in their Art Gallery and honored him with momento at Art Camp 7 with renowned artists and sculptors in 2018; 2019- three paintings of Rupak with renowned Indian and International artists at UB City by Sublime Galleria. Rupak was one of the winners of STIR UP 2020 International Art competition. Rupak was selected as an Artist of Virtual Symposium 2020 by the Geneva Centre for Autism. India’s biggest online art contest ORA 2020 honored Rupak with the Rising Star Award. Kochi-Muziris Biennale selected 5 paintings of Rupak for Outsider Art 2018, eCAPA 2019 and eCAPA 2020 Art Shows