S.Anand, a talented artist, gained expertise in landscape paintings during their Junior Fellowship. Now, they passionately create innovative abstract art using acrylic on canvas. Impressive artistic journey!

The Impasto technique involves using a thick layer of paint that creates a textured effect on the surface of the canvas. The user applies this technique using special tools which adds depth and dimension to the artwork. The abstract style allows the user to convey emotions and ideas through a unique method of creative expression. Their innovative use of acrylic on canvas has produced stunning results. Each artwork has a distinct character and charm, making them stand out. These pieces showcase the user's artistic expertise and skillful use of color, form, and texture. These artworks are sure to capture the imagination of any art lover who appreciates the beauty of abstract art.



The talented artist has been recognized for their exceptional skills and contributions to their craft. During their final year of studies, they received a one-time scholarship from Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu in Chennai in 1998. Additionally, the artist was awarded a Junior Fellowship from the Department of Culture, Government of India in New Delhi from 2002-2004 for their outstanding work in the field of painting.