Sashi's paintings have become layers of life experiences where she witnesses more and more clarity, purpose and focus. The past is fading into the background and the present is pushing into the foreground to be more on the forefront.

A lot of time she feels very disturbed with the insensitive humans around her and so they appear in her works cruel, sad or sometimes lost in their world of manipulation. As she works, the layers emerge, her hand moves on the paper with brushes and paints and the flow is unstoppable. Ending up with a crowded composition of girls and women in different situations with different expressions and heading to different places. They are done in layers creating images from the mind of the past, present and probably the future.



She is a 51 year old visual artist practising for the past 28 years. She completed her graduation and post graduation from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore, Karnataka. She has praticipated in many group shows and solo shows. A few of her participations: 2021- The contemporary Artist Show, Poovankara, Bangalore ; 2022 - Chitrakala Parishat Alumni Show; 2017 - Art Show at the Harshada Art Gallery, Goa.