Sharmila Kadam

Sharmila Kadam is a self taught artist from Bangalore. Her medium is oil on canvas. In her paintings, she weaves her own universe of emotions, thoughts, moods and her understanding of life and beyond. Her abstract paintings are spontaneous and creative.Its a celebration of colours. She uses palette knife to achieve different textures on canvas using several layers of paint, bold colours and strokes. Her bright and vibrant colours uplift the heart, mind and soul. Sharmila enjoys creating with an open mind and with lots of love and gratitude.



Art is indeed a therapy. The artist had an accident few years ago and landed with a bad head injury. This changed her entire life and perception of her inner thoughts and feelings. It began with a simple painting after a period of complete bed rest and the outcome of what she has set out to do is a lot more fulfilling than she thought, it would ever be. It doesn't matter how big or small the canvas is, indulging in painting made her feel alive, she enjoyed giving her time and efforts more for art. The bright and vibrant colours uplifted her heart, mind and soul. It gave her courage and confidence in life, besides keeping her grounded and centred.