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01 Oct - 30 Oct 2023

Like fragments of time frozen in art, moments captured ignite memories and emotions within us.

Illustration has the power to communicate complex emotions and messages through different mediums such as prints, sketches and paintings. It presents its own distinct style, conveying stories through imagery, expressing the intangible through tangible visuals. Each artist brings their own perspective, breathing life into their creations and allowing viewers to witness the liveliness of the depicted scenes.

From traditional mediums to woodcut prints illustrations, the exhibition showcases a diverse range of techniques and storytelling. Arthouz UK invites you to join this online exhibition and experience the magic of illustration firsthand. The artist's portrayal, whether through art or illustration, becomes a testament to their creativity and individuality. Step into this enchanting world of visual art and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the vivid imagery and evocative narratives.



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